Best Shoe Shiners

For the first time the European Shoe Shine Association (ESSA) will organise the European Shoe Shine Contest (ESSC) 2018. Saturday, 26th of May the best shoe shiners in Europe will show they know-how in Brussels. The whole day clients will be served on several shoe shine chairs. It will be a unique event never happened before.

And the best of the best shoe shiners will be awarded. They will get the "Golden Brush". Prices worth 2.000 € will be awarded in the categories "Technique / Quality", "Customer Satisfaction" and "Best New-Comer". Clients will vote on the spot and online voting will be also possible. As location one of the most prestigious places has been chosen: The historical Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert" in the center of Brussels. Have a look on: . ESSA decided to make the benefit of the ESSC available for the training of new shoe shiners. And you also can support this training program by using the button on the top of this page.

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