Best Shoe Shiners

 1st European Shoe Shine Contest : During this international contest which will take place on May 26th in the Galeries Saint-Hubert, everybody will be able to benefit from a free shoe shining session. A unique experience not to be missed!


On Saturday May 26th, the best shoe shiners from all over Europe will meet for the first time in Brussels. They will offer their services to citizens throughout the day. From 11am to 7pm, everyone can get their shoes polished in the prestigious Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, in front of the Vaudeville Theater. Several "royal“ shoe shine chairs await lovers of beautiful shoes.

 Thanks to a raffle all participants can win high-quality tools for taking care of their shoes: cashmere brushes, cedar shoetrees, shoe shining vouchers - for a total value of 500 €.

“We want to introduce May 26th as the European Shoe Shine Day”, says Marcello Faraggi, event organizer and President of the European Shoe Shine Association, based in Brussels. “It is important to look after your shoes because they are determine the first impression one has of a person.”

Marion Lemesre, Alderwoman of Economic Affairs for the City of Brussels, supports the 1st European Shoe Shine Contest : “This old profession is making a comeback nowadays thanks to increased demand from consumers. We need to support these artisans who offer a high quality service”.

Candidates from Belgium, France, Italy and Germany will demonstrate their best techniques and contribute to the well-being of their clients.

During the competition, shoe shiners will have to prove their skills in order to win one of the three "Golden Brushes“. The best shoe shiners will also receive 2.000 € thanks to several sponsors, among which the European Banking Federation.  A jury of experts will award the prizes in the categories "Technique / Quality", "Customer service" and "Best entrepreneur".

“People often think that our job only exist in old Hollywood movies. It is true that there are not many of us but we are actively working in Europe, in Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt and other cities in order to make your shoes or events shine”, says Marcello Faraggi.

For many years there were no shoe shiners in Belgium. Macello Faraggi re-introduced this profession in 2015 by founding the “ShoeShine And More” company. One year later, he founded the “European Shoe Shine Association”(ESSA) together with colleagues from different countries. The upcoming European Shoe Shine Contest is the first and biggest event of ESSA.

Among the sponsors, Dirk Devreese ( SIEGOL Belgium) and Marc Tinella (S.C. Johnson Bama) stressed the importance of using good products to take care of leather shoes: “In the long run, it is cheaper to invest in good shoes and to look after them well”, Dirk Devreese states.


You are welcome with your leather shoes: Shoe polish on royal armchairs on May 26th 2018 (photo / video opportunity)

FYI: The European Shoe Shine Association (ESSA), which brings together shoe shiners from all over Europe, was founded in 2016, in Brussels.

Marcello Faraggi, ESSA President, + 32-486 60 00 98

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