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Best products for best results

According to the statute of the European Shoe Shine Association, our members are committed to working with the best products available. Often these products are not easy to find. Please just ask our  shoe shiner. 


That's how it's done

Your shoes should receive the best care products.   But you may also need tips and hints on how to do it best. The ESSA organizes an online shoe cleaning service. Let your shoeshine boy advise you personally.


Special brushes

Use a horse hair brush to clean. Then   remove the excess wax with another horsehair brush. And finally for a special  brush with a yak and cashmere brush. Ask our ESSA shoe shiners where to buy these brushes.


wax and cream

The ESSA recommends always using high-quality products such as the Swiss brand SIEGOL. Ask your ESSA shoe shiner or visit the website of SIEGOL

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