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Marcello Faraggi

ShoeShine And More

Marcello founded in Brussels / Belgium the first professional shoe shine company called ShoeShine And More. Clients can chose between seven different styles of shoe shine chairs - according to the type of their event. Thanks to his language skills (he speaks five languages) he is working with his team as shoe shiner around Europe. Marcello was elected as President of the European Shoe Shine Association. You can contact Marcello directly via:

Thomas Ganick


Thomas from Frankfurt / Germany has many years of experience. Companies are regularly asking for his shoe shine service for events, shop openings, fairs. He is offering different types of shoe shine chairs. Thomas and his team is mainly working in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. And he is available worldwide for shoe shine service. He is a founder of European Shoe Shine Association and owner of the 1St SHOE SHINE SALON in Frankfurt. You can reach him directly here:

Michele Massaro

Gaio il Calzolaio

Michele is well known in Italy as Gaio Il Calzolaio. With his unique shoe shine chair he is working everywhere in Italy. Michele lives in Verona. He has huge experience in marketing and sponsor campaigns for several companies. He has a shop and he is also working as a cobbler. As member of the European Shoe Shine Association Gaio also participated at the First European Shoe Shine Contest in Brussels 2018. You can contact Gaio directly via

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