Saving money with refurbished shoes

Instead of buying always new, refurbish your work and safety shoes.

Save money and ensure hygiene (refurbished shoes are guaranteed  Covid-19-free) with a qualified service provided by our ESSA-Members. Make a step forward for the environment, for your workers and safe money. Cost reduction between 20 and 30% assured.

Many additional temporary workers cause new shoe waste, which could be avoided. "Towards the end of the year, shipping companies in particular are hiring many seasonal employees who receive new work shoes. After a few weeks these expensive special shoes are thrown away", complains Marcello Faraggi, president of the European Shoe Shine Association (ESSA). "This environmental crime, which has been quietly tolerated until now, is also unnecessarily expensive for the companies". ESSA has now launched a Europe-wide awareness campaign on the recycling of working shoes.

With this campaign a "shoe life" can be multiplied. Workers benefit from increased comfort with clean and disinfected shoes. At the same time, companies' purchasing departments are pleased about reduced budgets for new work shoes, which then have to be purchased less frequently. "The savings potential is between 20 and 30%", Faraggi quotes experience reported by ESSA members in Germany and Belgium over the last five years. "We are talking about reduced expenditure of several thousand euros per company and at the same time the shoes are reliably treated against bacteria and viruses such as the COVID-19 virus".

In a new test report, ESSA has explained the procedure for reconditioning work shoes on the basis of a practical run-through of heavily used work shoes of safety class S3. "This service must comply with European safety standards. At the same time, only cleaning and disinfection methods should be used that have the least possible impact on the environment," says Thomas Ganick, ESSA vice president from Frankfurt, referring to service companies that have been certified accordingly by ESSA.

ESSA estimates the avoidable shoe waste in the EU at 300 million pairs of shoes per year. In Germany alone, 15 million pairs of shoes a year could be avoided, which end up needlessly in the rubbish, Faraggi explained.

Cost comparison

If the shoes are treated to extend their lifespan there is no need to buy new shoes. Take for example 1 pair of work and safety shoes for maybe 50 €. Imagine that you have to buy all five times you spend €250. Alternative: You recondition this pair of shoes 5 times you pay only 50 €. In short: you save € 200 per pair of shoes / per employee. And for 100 workers:
 20.000 € saved ! 


Depending on how often the same work and safety shoes are reprocessed, the savings can increase.

Especially interesting for your temporary and permanent staff. A solution tested and appreciated by logistics companies and large shipping centres.

* exact calculation on request

Temporary staff and shoe waste

Before and after refurbishing of two different types of working shoes (safety class S3). Complete report on demand available at

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