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Bram Casier @ Golden Brush Contest

Bram Casier

14. Feb. 2023

He fell in love with beautiful shoes

Bram Casier is 36 years old and he lives in Blankenberge at the Belgian Coast.

About 10 years ago Mr. Casier bought his first LodinG double monkstrap shoes in Avignon (france) and from that moment he fell in love with beautiful shoes.

After a couple of years Mr. Casier dicouvered the art of shoeshining and he immediately fell in love with the art of shining shoes.

Bram started really fanatically learning more and more about shoe shining and mirror shining.

Mr. Casier learned about shoeshining mostly by himself, watching the best of the best online, how to keep his shoes 'alive'.

But most of all he learned by practicing.

Since last year Mr. Casier is professionally busy to provide the services of shoeshining to other people and giving the shoes of his customers a second life and a shine or mirror shine.

Mr. Casier only works with the best of care for all shoes and leather products.

Bram Casier only works with the best products to ensure the best results for your shoes.

Everybody can contact Mr. Casier via his Facebook page 'Shoeshine Servives' and also via +32490441319

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