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For the best possible shoe care

Marcello Faraggi

27. Jan. 2023

Privileged Partnership for 2023 between SIEGOL and ESSA renewed

The "Maîtres Cireurs de Chaussures" (shoe shiners) united in the non-profit European Shoe Shine Association and the company H. Siegenthaler AG, producer of the premium shoe care brand SIEGOL have renewed their privileged partnership for 2023.

"Good care increases the lifespan of shoes, protects the environment and the wallet," said Managing Director Janine Siegenthaler of H. Siegenthaler AG and Marcello Faraggi, Chairman of the non-profit European Shoe Shine Association (ESSA) based in Brussels, in a joint statement.

As part of the partnership, SIEGOL supports the training offered by ESSA for aspiring shoe shiners as well as the work of ESSA and its members in Europe.

Whether for companies at business openings, trade fair stands, in hotels or for private customers: "Our shoe shiners want to make shoes and their customers look shiny," said Faraggi who pointed to the long-standing confidential cooperation with SIEGOL.

The European Shoeshine Association (ESSA) was founded in 2016 as a non-profit interest group. ESSA supports full-time shoe shiners in Europe. Prerequisite: They work with high-quality products.

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